【Tono (Lord)-3 pieces set】 Premium Silk Gents’ Underwear without tightness

【Tono (Lord)-3 pieces set】 Premium Silk Gents’ Underwear without tightness

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Lingerie without tightness to wear with liberal sensation

Librement, the lingerie with loincloth shape

Librement ‘s material is the utmost class 6A-rank Japanese made pure silk.
Librement with its lovely color and design makes your body even more attractive.
Librement is ”Made in Japan”, carefully manufactured by Japanese craftsperson

Librement【Tono (Lord)】 is an underwear tightens nowhere of your body. Liberation of your lower body from the tightness by underwear may promote the functions of your lymph, autonomic nerve and hormonal balance to enhance your immunity.

In order to get rid of moisture and nasty smell,
In order to improve your vitality at the time of awakening,
Why don’t you try Librement Tono?
It holds your lower body sufficiently just like trunks do but equips enough ventilation just like boxer shorts do and is to be so comfortable.

Wishing to support a gentleman stands nobly,
Skillful craftspeople manufacture every piece of Librement Tono so carefully. Why don’t you try the utmost feeling to wear Librement Tono ?.

■Color Variation

※ 3 pieces set of a single color of your choice is also available

■Size variation
Width Length
Medium 30㎝ 60㎝
Large 35㎝ 65㎝
Extra Large 40㎝ 70㎝

■ Material
◎ 100% Japanese Made Silk Satin
※String: around 160㎝ of length made of knitted 100% cotton

■ Way of Treatment
We recommend hand-washing and drying out of the direct sunlight.