Lingerie “ Librement ”

Lingerie without tightness to wear with liberal sensation, being made of Japanese made 6-A rank silk of supreme quality

The material of Librement is 6A-rank Japanese made pure silk. of supreme quality
Librement with “lovely color and design” makes your figure even more attractive.
Every piece of Librement is carefully manufactured by Japanese craftspeople =Made in Japan=

Librement, the lingerie with loincloth shape being free from tightness

■The most distinguishing feature of Librement is its “liberal sensation without tightness‟

silk lingerie

Your groin pinched by the tight underwear may cause deterioration of blood circulation to get a chill and/or swelling which may lead you to insomnia and/or menstruation disorders.
In addition, the tightness of your underwear may cause discoloration of your bikini-lines.
It’s quite surprising that underwear might affect your physical condition!

Liberation of your lower body from the tightness by underwear may promote the functions of your lymph, autonomic nerve and hormonal balance to enhance your immunity.

■ Original design with sexiness and cuteness

You may murmur, “ I know it’s important to take care of my health and that I want to be fashionable !”.
It’s natural that every lady tends to think of her own health and that wants to be beautiful & fashionable forever.

YUKI herself has created the design of Librement in order to fulfill the above wish to make every lady feel happier with Librement . Every piece of Librement is carefully manufactured and finished by Japanese craftspeople.

Japanese made Silk, the Material of Librement

Japanese silk

■Loin like shaped lingerie made of silk is superb to the touch and remarkably comfortable to wear

Pure silk satin has an utmost mellow and smooth touch to your tender skin.
Moreover, it may possibly enhance human immunity to bring out the natural ability of your skin.

Silk thread has grades, just like diamond, ranging from 1 up to the utmost rank 6A.
Only 6A ranked silk thread is adopted as the material for Je Marche Librement.

■Effects of Silk



Silk is made up of proteins just same as human skin and said to be the finest fiber in the natural world. Thousands of amino acids of nearly 20 kinds which are similar to those of human skin combine to genuine protein fiber of silk; silk is utilized as fiber material and has various functions to be good to human skin and health as well.

2.Excellence in high moisture absorption/desorption, quick-drying and heat insulation.

Regarding the prominent features of silk, moisture absorption/desorption and quick-drying natures, silk is considered to have 1.5 times bigger capability of those of cotton. Therefore, wearing silk even on a hot day offers you a quite comfortable and smooth feelings.
Each silk fiber is said to be the finest in the natural world and the cross section of which has triangle shape. Silk fibers are spun into a thread to contain air within it showing heat insulation character like many layers of clothing to be worn.

3.Amino acids are friendly to human skin

Silk is made up of 18 types amino acids. As amino acids have the power to activate skin cells, mitigation of dermatosis or some skin enhancement effects might be expected through wearing silk.

4.Reduction of static electricity by the water holding capacity of silk

Although silk is excellent in moisture desorption nature, it doesn’t stay dry all the time. Comparing to only 0.5% of water-retention capacity of polyester fiber, that of silk always retains as much as 10% of moisture. Therefore, silk hardly generates static electricity and may maintain your moist and smooth skin healthy even in the dry air in winter.

5.Reduction of ultra violet (UV) rays

Ultraviolet rays penetrate your outer closing and would be absorbed by your inner wear of silk to reduce penetration into your body. The absorbed ultraviolet rays by silk would convert amino acids to melanin and generate yellowing of silk under the same principle as sunburn of our skin.

6.Detoxication effects

Vagina is the organ where utmost detoxication of female body goes through. Silk is said to have the function to promote discharging of toxins. Therefore, wearing silk lingerie might promote detoxication through vagina.

How to put on and way of treatment of Librement

■ Way of putting Librement on

1.Make a comparatively loose shoelace knot or slipknot of Librement ’s string, and
2.Put Librement on,
3.To be slightly hitched by your pelvic bone, the best fitting condition of wearing Librement, and
4.Please do not tighten the string too much to avoid restraint.

Librement is the lingerie created through my own wish of taking care of health and being fashionable at the same time.
Librement is the lingerie without any tightness to the body and looks cute even when drying it. after washing.
Librement’s waist string is made of knitted cotton and no reknotting after hand-washing is needed.

■ Waist string of Librement’

The waist string of Librement’ is long enough to be suitable to any size of body.
The waist string of Librement’ is made of knitted cotton which would not fray at the cut end.
The ribbon knot of Librement’’s waist string to be shown slightly over the waist line of your bottoms would look cute, wouldn’t it?

■ Way of treatment of Librement’

We recommend hand-washing but in case of machine-washing, please use laundry net.
In order to cherish the quite delicate material silk of Librement , hand-washing is recommended. Please also be careful of color transfer.
※In case wrinkles are shown after washing, please wet Librement again with water or use steam iron of medium temperature to remove wrinkles.
Please do not use driers for silk products.